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Maintaining Sexual Health Well Into The Golden Years!

There is possibly nothing more devastating to a man as the day when he finally realizes that he’s not the young buck he once was. Whether this realization comes on the day that he can’t hit a fast ball, reach a par 5 in two or just get giggles when he approaches a younger woman, it’s no fun and can have many unwanted psychological consequences.

We can’t help you pick up young girls and the desire to do so can only be motivated by whatever floats your boat, but Mother Nature can be your greatest ally in the quest to outperform the young guys between the sheets. After all, doesn’t experience count for something?

As men, our bodies begin to naturally stop producing certain chemicals that are needed for many things, including sexual performance. The shelves and the internet are cluttered with products that promise to restore us to our youthful prowess and in some instances beyond, including enhancement well beyond our physical limits. Although I have my scientific doubts about enhancement, I can tell you that you do have the ability to maximize what you do have and to be on “ready alert” should the need arise. No pun intended!

A careful examination of the top selling “men’s performance” products on the market may reveal “secret proprietary” ingredients including anything from Swedish bee pollen to a rare tribulus plant found only in the remote regions of Madagascar. I’m a believer. Most of these herbal remedies work and should be part of every man’s daily regimen. However, when we take an even closer look, we discover the three most important ingredients found universally in every formula and the basis for a healthy sex life.

The answer is the big three: L-arginine, zinc and maca. I throw the maca in because nature is yet to provide us with a better natural herb that allows men to “pull the trigger” at the moment of truth. It enables the body the feel the sensations and naturally restores us into the pleasure machines we were born to be. It helps restore our sexual vitality and sensitivity, crucial in sexual performance. Remember, sex is meant to be fun. The medicine men of the South American Andes region have prescribed maca for hundreds if not thousands of years, and when you see a 90 year old elder with a little kid on his lap and realize that, no, that’s not his great-grandson but his OWN son, you can understand why!

As you get older, your body produces far less everyday and needs this important amino from outside sources. Every single top product lists l-arginine as its #1 ingredient. In fact, the only proven male sexual health product that has passed the FDA smell test, evens uses l-arginine in its name. Find the highest quality and use it everyday. You will have more energy, reduce illness and have the lady in your life asking you if you’ve been seeing the Viagra salesman on the side.

As for zinc, it is without question, a requirement for sexual function, period. Zinc is a proven ingredient if you want better, stronger and more frequent male orgasms. This includes increasing ejaculate which translates to better male orgasm. The benefit, besides increasing your sexual power, is a reduction in colds, better hair, skin and nails, sharper vision and aid in reducing symptoms of diarrhea.

In conclusion, you can spend $75 to $100 a month on all kinds of sexual health supplements, many of which will provide you with the results that you seek, or you can spend $20 a month and get the results that your wife or girlfriend only dream about. And you can take her to the movies 3 times with the money you save. Do your own research and read the label and you’ll find that the “hidden secret” is the same: L-arginine, zinc and maca. Who knows, maybe next time that woman will be giggling for the right reasons.